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Additional Information — Coming November 16, 2018

We, caring and concerned citizens of Pahrump and Nye County, are working on a new digital publication that can show up in your email every other Friday, totally free to you. The publication, which will premier in November, will be by the people of Nye County and for the people of Nye County. 

We will welcome your input — whether a call, an email, a letter to the editor, or an article explaining your viewpoint on a subject — hopefully even a solution to a problem we all share (due to poor management of our local or statewide resources, political corruption, lack of caring on the part of those who are “in charge,” or any other cause), or maybe you will just want to bring something to our attention. 

Whatever it is, we want you to become part of the concerned citizens of this community who care enough to speak up and speak out. We don’t care if you’re a senior citizen, a teenager, a student, a veteran, an elected official, a politician or ex-politician, someone temporarily without an address, someone who is incarcerated, a business owner or someone looking for work — we want to hear from you. 

Our dedication to you is that we will dig out the truth and print the truth, and we will offer a voice to anyone who has something to say. If we inadvertently publish something that you believe is not true, we ask that you present us with proof to the contrary, and we will be happy to publish that side of the story. Yet in keeping with our policy of printing the truth, we will allow debate or discussion on the issue until the truth in all its unvarnished and unabashed glory surfaces, ugly or not.

If there are any issues you wish to see covered in this publication, please let us know. We will do our best to cover each and every issue of importance to our community. We are here for you!

We are searching for those who would be happy to have an alternate newspaper here in Pahrump and would be happy to lend us a hand. We are all volunteers (which means we are doing this without pay because we truly care about our community), but that does not mean we are not professionals. We would love to find those who have the time to write, do research, help with our website, or in any way contribute to our publication.

We will be on the lookout for solutions and good ideas in addition to news, and while we intend to be a positive and upbeat publication, we will not be afraid to criticize where criticism is warranted. We’ll also offer a variety of columnists in various fields, such as health, law, advice, humor, and more. 

To find us, all you’ll have to do is look us up at We’ll be ready for our debut on Friday, the 16th of November.

We wish we could offer you a paper copy of our publication, like the Pahrump Valley Times does — one that you could pick up when out and about, because we know not everyone has a computer or access to email — yet we prefer to be environmentally conscious and caring, and not cause any trees to be used in the making of our paper. 

Aside from articles about the issues of the day that affect those living in Nye County, we will also endeavor to bring you viewpoints on other issues from a cross-section of our population. We hope that our readers will help us build our publication into what we believe they would want it to be: a forum for those who otherwise have no voice, a place where one can “get it off your chest,” a source of information to help them become and/or stay informed, and a publication that is in all other ways inspiring, useful, and even fun. 

We also intend to offer internships to those students who may want to try their hand at writing articles or columns for our paper — something that will hopefully earn them school credit and a sense of satisfaction, even if such contributions to this community newspaper are not available in any paid positions.

We’d also like to point out that several members of our senior community have many years of experience in their various fields of endeavor, and they would be willing to share that experience with students who feel they would benefit from, and enjoy, having such a mentor.

All in all, we believe we have a lot to offer all members of this community, and we believe the members of this community have a lot to offer all of us in return. Together we can hopefully create an even better Pahrump, steer our teenagers toward becoming better citizens through additional education, and pass on some of the accumulated knowledge and experience of our senior community to those willing to be mentored.

For further information about this upcoming publication, you can contact the editor of Voices in the Desert at 775-513-0942. Please leave your name and number and a brief message as to how you’d like to help. Or you can send her an email to

The whole team at Voices in the Desert looks forward to bringing you this brand new digital publication. It will be open to change as we hear from our public, telling us their thoughts, their viewpoints, and even their desires for future Issues. We’ll take it all into consideration! 

And we thank you all in advance for giving us a try!

The Voices in the Desert Team