Issue #13, 5/10/19 - 5/23/19


Issue #13, 5/10/19 - 5/23/19


Thank you for checking in to Please click on ISSUES FOR 2019  in the green box above to find our current issue and all previous issues, listed by both Issue Number and date.

While we know we have a long, long way to go before everyone in town knows about us, we will keep doing our best to get the word out. 

It would be a great help to us if everyone who receives a copy in their email, or finds us right here at, would be kind enough to tell a friend about us or share the paper with their email contacts, on Facebook, or other social media. And even though we are a local publication, feel free to share it with anyone in the whole country or even around the world.

We want you all to remember that we can make this paper so much better the more that members of our community  choose to speak up, not only with complaints, but hopefully with their suggestions for how to fix the problems. And of course, no paper would be complete without its Letters to the Editor section. You know you've always wanted to say something about this community, but just never got around to it — well, now's the time; now's your chance.

Tell us how you feel about the issues you have to deal with in Nye County. Have you personally experienced a water issue, a garbage issue, a run-in with a neighbor and you don't know what you can do about it? The good news is that if you're concerned about signing your name to your letter, we can just sign your letter as "Name withheld on request."

As we've stated elsewhere, and several times already, we want you to become part of the concerned citizens of this community who care enough to speak up and speak out. We don’t care if you’re a senior citizen, a teenager, a student, a veteran, an elected official, a politician or ex-politician, someone temporarily without an address, someone who is incarcerated, a business owner or someone looking for work — we want to hear from you. 

If there are any subjects or issues you wish to see covered in this publication, please let us know. We will do our best to cover each and every issue of importance to our community. We are here for you!


You'll notice that we are not a NEWSpaper. We're an ISSUES paper, even though we might refer to ourselves as a newspaper now and then, here and there. In addition to issues, we’ll also have a variety of columnists writing in various fields, such as health, law, advice, politics, religion, suicide, humor, and more. 

To find us, all you’ll need to do is look us up at, where many of you might have already found us. Then click on the download button for the latest issue, or any of our back issues. 

We wish we could offer you a paper copy of our publication, like the Pahrump Valley Times does — one that you could pick up when out and about, because we know not everyone has a computer or access to email — yet we prefer to be environmentally conscious and caring, and not cause any trees to be used in the making of our paper. 

All in all, we believe we have a lot to offer all members of this community, and we believe the members of this community have a lot to offer all of us in return. Together we can hopefully create an even better Pahrump, and a better Nye County, and possibly even help steer our teenagers toward becoming better citizens through additional knowledge, as they're willing to learn.

Happy  Thoughts,


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